Monthly Diary of a League: (New) New Town Roller Girls in July: Hazzard

Because we’ve been a little uneven with some of the monthly diaries recently, today marks not only a special event in the Blog’s history (more on that later), but also a new regular source of monthly diaries: Livingston’s own New Town Roller Girls. If you’re in Dundee tomorrow, you’ll see our first diarist for the league on track as part of the mixed cherry pop bout, presumably showing off her Spectre training… it’s league founder Hazzard!

Hazzard, in the New Town Alternate Kit

Hazzard, in the New Town Alternate Kit

What first attracted you to Roller Derby?

What didn’t! It was fast paced, on skates and looked a helluva lot of fun! That and I watched Whip It then after some intensive googling went to see Team Scotland play as they made their way to the first derby world cup and fell in love even more with the massively talented skaters. And, of course, I wanted in on that!

Most skaters have inspirations in their own or other leagues. Who are your derby heroes?

All the girls in New Town that have stuck it out and give it their all each week at training. They make me want to push them harder in to awesome derby players so they can enjoy the sport to its fullest!

Out with my league I adore Kamikaze Kitten of the London Roller Girls! (All of the LRG players are amazing though..) Kami has always stood out to me as a skater and a personality within derby. Her skating style and ability makes me super envious but it’s something I want to emulate within myself.

Her determination seems like it has no bounds!

I also really like Re-AnimateHer! She also has great skating ability and I’ve heard her coaching skills are amazing too. She’s just a badass!

Derby names are an important aspect of the sport, especially when you’re starting out. How did you choose your name (and number), and does it reflect your personality on track?

My name kind of came about from a work nickname. I was trying to find something at the time that reflected me and my personality. I am always managing to hurt myself or trip myself up in and out of work and coupled with the fact I do a lot of Health & Safety stuff in work in just stuck! (Plus I really like the letter ‘z’ so that’s why there’s 2 in there!) On track it depicts the fact I could be skating around quite leisurely and then end up tripping myself up. Which happens fairly often at training!

My number is from the Mass Effect series of games. It’s hard coming up with a number that means something to you I found so I started looking for numbers in games and N7 just seemed like the most bad ass one I could find! Plus I’d love to look as awesome as femShep on track!

What’s your favourite position and technique?

I don’t think I’ve bouted enough to find a favourite yet. I like being the pivot and yelling and I like to jam (when I don’t suck at it) and I like to be a blocker and get in the way! I’m trying to encourage all our girls to be triple threats as I’ve seen from the Tiger Bay Brawler’s success that that really seems to give you an edge!

Technique wise I always want to try and keep my feet moving as much as possible! That and skate low so people might not see me! Other than that I really don’t know yet!

Lots of roller girls find it hard not to spread the word about their new sport. How have you been spreading the word?

By telling anyone that will listen! That and using all the social media at my fingertips to tell everyone about New Town Roller Girls! I’ve had flyers in my work before as well using them to hand out whilst fundraising and all sorts. Sometimes I even tell people in my work about it as I’m serving them if I think they might be interested!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt/ done this month?

I have finally somewhat mastered derby stops and transitions! I could do them at faster speeds but they will come with time! They ain’t perfect but I can sure has heck do them!

And the most difficult and the best things?

Most difficult right now I’d say would be transitioning the /other/ way. In my case to my left. I am finding it very hard to do! I am attempting to master t-stops the opposite way in hope it helps me with transitioning the other way! I’d have to say some of the best things about derby and especially New Town for me is watching my hard work pay off and the other girls looking and skating amazingly!

What’s new for the New Town this month?

Nothing much is happening in July for New Town! We have some mins assessments coming up later on in the month so hopefully after that we’ll have some exciting news for people! Right now we are working hard and plodding along nicely!

Alongside that 2 of our girls (myself included) will be taking part in the Granite City Roller Girls cherry popper bout on the 13th in Dundee! We are fairly excited! I am actually less nervous for that than I am for the LRG bootcamp at the end of July though! I think on the day of the bout it’ll be a different story!

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