Guest Series: “The Road To Playoffs – Mar 2019 edition”

With the second WFTDA official rating and ranking of the season ( ), we’re keeping to our promise to update our “Road to Playoffs series”.

All the locations with teams in our top 100 (larger stars mean more than one team is in the list – for example, 2×4 and Sailor City in Buenos Aires).

Speedy Convalesce, Head NSO of Mannheim’s Delta Quads, as well as many other things, is here to help us better visualise what’s likely to happen at Playoff selection. This ongoing series reports the ratings and rankings of the top 100 WFTDA teams, calculated as if we were at June 30th 2019 [the ranking which will be used to decide Qualifications and seedings into both WFTDA Playoffs, and the Continental Cups].
Whilst we can’t predict the future, this will give the best guess of what teams need to do to qualify, based on what they’ve already done.

As well as attaining a minimum ranking, teams also need to play at least 4 bouts within the eligibility period (December 2018 to June 2019), and we’ll be tracking their progress on this measure, too.

The list, updated for this month: (# is number of bouts contributing to the ranking, whilst #El is the number of bouts contributing to their eligibility for playoffs). We’ll colour teams to indicate when they’ve played their minimum number of games for eligibility, but as yet, it’s too early for anyone to have met this. We’ve eliminated any teams which have played less than 2 games since July 2018 here. Teams which have shifted rating (or entered the chart for the first time) since the last article are in BOLD ITALICS.

1Rose City RollersN A WEST61277.690
2Victorian Roller Derby LeagueASIA PACIFIC51274.920
3Gotham Girls Roller DerbyN A EAST41193.050
4Denver Roller DerbyN A WEST51187.670
5Arch Rival Roller DerbyN A EAST71135.020
6Angel City DerbyN A WEST61011.880
7London RollergirlsEUROPE4861.020
8Texas RollergirlsN A WEST7858.860
9Crime City RollersEUROPE5849.520
10Minnesota RollerGirlsN A EAST3835.390
11Jacksonville RollergirlsN A EAST6817.810
12Montreal Roller DerbyN A EAST7803.010
132×4 Roller DerbyC/S AMERICA3788.70
14Rat City Roller DerbyN A WEST4773.870
15Santa Cruz Derby GirlsN A WEST3768.380
16Rainy City Roller DerbyEUROPE3753.280
17Bay Area DerbyN A WEST3753.060
18Atlanta Roller DerbyN A EAST5737.360
19Stockholm Roller DerbyEUROPE2711.80
20Canberra Roller Derby LeagueASIA PACIFIC3702.490
21Arizona Roller DerbyN A WEST3692.910
22Helsinki Roller DerbyEUROPE3667.730
23Ann Arbor Roller DerbyN A EAST2657.770
24Queen City Roller GirlsN A EAST2599.210
25Tampa Roller DerbyN A EAST3554.730
26Charlottesville Derby DamesN A EAST3550.510
27Philly Roller DerbyN A EAST3536.230
28Kallio Rolling RainbowEUROPE3528.370
29Windy City RollersN A EAST2515.780
30Boston Roller DerbyN A EAST4513.50
31Middlesbrough Roller DerbyEUROPE3487.920
32Dublin Roller DerbyEUROPE3487.690
33Blue Ridge RollergirlsN A EAST2474.810
34Team United Women’s Roller DerbyN A EAST4471.130
35Calgary Roller DerbyN A WEST4458.140
36Detroit Roller DerbyN A EAST4455.590
37Bear City Roller DerbyEUROPE2451.720
38North Star Roller DerbyN A EAST3444.610
39E-Ville Roller DerbyN A WEST3439.040
40Roc City Roller DerbyN A EAST2434.121
41Sun State Roller DerbyASIA PACIFIC3433.220
42Tiger Bay BrawlersEUROPE3433.050
43Dock City RollersEUROPE3432.340
44Mad Rollin’ Dolls Roller DerbyN A EAST3426.870
45Paris RollergirlsEUROPE2415.370
46Birmingham Blitz DamesEUROPE2414.860
47Terminal City RollergirlsN A WEST2405.140
48Sailor City RollersC/S AMERICA2386.740
49Sacramento Roller DerbyN A WEST3386.550
50Rocky Mountain RollergirlsN A WEST3385.470
51Royal City Roller DerbyN A EAST3383.710
52Grand Raggidy Roller DerbyN A EAST2381.810
53Tucson Roller DerbyN A WEST3366.080
54Happy Valley Derby DarlinsN A WEST3364.620
55Ohio Roller DerbyN A EAST2361.810
56Central City RollerderbyEUROPE3344.360
57Charm City Roller GirlsN A EAST3340.230
58Columbia Quad SquadN A EAST3329.570
59Jet City Roller DerbyN A WEST3327.720
60Orangeville Roller GirlsN A EAST4326.691
61Dub City Roller DerbyN A EAST3326.250
62No Coast Derby GirlsN A WEST3324.050
63Boulder County BombersN A WEST2304.960
64Classic City RollergirlsN A EAST4293.230
65Crossroads City DerbyN A WEST2289.230
66Red Stick Roller DerbyN A EAST5284.380
67Brewcity BruisersN A EAST3276.421
68Humboldt Roller DerbyN A WEST2272.011
69Antwerp Roller DerbyEUROPE4266.950
70Appalachian Roller DerbyN A EAST5266.510
71Ottawa Valley Roller DerbyN A EAST2261.220
72Pikes Peak Derby DamesN A WEST2239.750
73Nottingham Hellfire HarlotsEUROPE2233.150
74Duke City DerbyN A WEST3229.870
75Nantes Derby GirlsEUROPE2221.441
76Amsterdam Roller DerbyEUROPE2219.090
77Newcastle Roller GirlsEUROPE2213.680
78Lehigh Valley Roller DerbyN A EAST2206.70
79Black Rose RollersN A EAST2201.580
80Dark River Derby CoalitionN A EAST2200.360
81Cincinnati RollergirlsN A EAST2198.921
82State College Area Roller DerbyN A EAST2197.450
83Chattanooga Roller GirlsN A EAST4197.220
84Gold Coast Derby GrrlsN A EAST2197.190
85Brussels Derby PixiesEUROPE3185.70
86Penn Jersey Roller DerbyN A EAST3185.620
87SoCal DerbyN A WEST3184.880
88Big Easy RollergirlsN A WEST3180.170
89Confluence Crush Roller DerbyN A WEST3176.811
90Charlotte Roller DerbyN A EAST2175.161
91Rockin City RollergirlsN A WEST4171.370
92Molly Roger RollergirlsN A EAST2171.190
93Sierra Regional Roller DerbyN A WEST4170.970
94Gorge Roller DerbyNA WEST3168.373
95Les Quads des ParisEUROPE3165.751
96Fox City Roller DerbyNA EAST2165.232
97Zurich City Roller DerbyEUROPE2164.50
98Dirty River Roller DerbyEUROPE2164.131
99Akron Roller DerbyNA EAST2155.371
100Roller Derby CaenEUROPE3154.352

[We plan to update this list each time WFTDA release a rating and ranking until Playoffs selections]

As you can see, the re-weighting isn’t just a technical thing, it produces real effects, visible at the very top of the table. We also have less movement than in the full WFTDA calculation, as some teams move due to the weightings of their bout changing from month to month – whilst our weightings are constant (and relative to the final qualification rating).

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