Moving House!

Since its inception, the Scottish Roller Derby Blog has been hosted here, on the free hosting at

This has always been more for convenience than because it was the best option: and for the last several years, we’ve maintained an external website [The “Technical Annex”] ( ) to host items which simply can’t be supported on a site. In some cases, this is because WordPress formatting makes them unreadable, in others because of restrictions on content in WordPress posts.

More recently, we’ve also become concerned by two other issues which come with hosting:

Firstly, and linked to WordPress specifically, changes in the way that the WordPress editor works have made it even harder to make the kind of complex posts that we rely on (the inability to support colour-coded indices was a final nail in the coffin of our weekly-roundup posts).

Secondly, and linked to many hosted sites: is one of a host of sites which are blocked by China, and other countries. (Medium, Facebook, Google, Youtube and others are also numbered in this list.) We’d like to produce and host content that the entire world’s derby community can access: not just those who have access to the services that Westerners assume are available to all.

As such, as of this post, the Scottish Roller Derby blog is migrating off of (and off of WordPress itself): the new Scottish Roller Derby blog is at:

All of the content from this wordpress site has been migrated (although there are one or two minor niggles to sort out, concerning mostly images being available in thumbnails). Please let us know if you encounter any issues with the archive as it is.

(The new site is generated as a static site using Nikola, and hosted on the same service as we host our technical annex at.)

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