Happy Birthday to Us!

As mentioned previously, there are two important things about todays’ date. This post is about the second of them:

On this day, in 2011, Sandy created this blog, running it by himself until myself and Cilla Block of Dundee Roller Girls joined the team in September of that year, followed swiftly by Go-Go Gadget Skates and Chasing Katy.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve gained many more contributors, a few guest posts, covered the world’s first Roller Derby World Cup, and been lucky enough to be around to see a new crop of Leagues start up, including the rapidly developing beginnings of Men’s and Coed Roller Derby. We’ve interviewed some brilliant skaters, and, we hope, helped in some small way to promote Scottish Roller Derby in a positive way across the Internet.

On behalf of everyone on the Blog, we’d like to thank everyone who’s contributed to making the blog a success, from interviewees to photographers, bout programme artists, guest contributors and anyone else we’ve bothered or used the resources of.

Hopefully we’ll make it at least another two years, to cover the Mens’ and Womens’ World Cups due up in 2014… and who knows what next?


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