ARRG newbies hit the Fringe


A RED-HOT new roller derby team will assemble for Auld Reekie Roller Girls’ first Edinburgh Festival Fringe game of 2015.

Sparks are sure to fly as Edinburgh’s All Star Reserves play Glasgow Roller Derby’s Maiden Grrders.

Team captain Mallory Powers said the new skaters will raise temperatures with the fastest crossovers, big hits and speedy whips.

She said: “We have a brand new team and are really looking forward to bringing everyone together and building on the excitement and atmosphere of the two recent All Star derby derbies!

“This will be the first time the Auld Reekie and Glasgow Roller Derby B teams have played each other in a while and the teams are very different now, so no-one really knows what to expect.

“The focus will be on developing our newer skaters and working as a team to achieve our goals – but we’ll bring the same level of gritty determination, cheery competitiveness and fun as our wonderful All Stars.”

Vice-captain Lady Scrapnell said she was looking forward to the new skaters playing their first festival game.

She said: “It’s always exciting when new people skate on a team for the first time, and this time around we are lucky to have five new Reserves.

“We’ve all been working really hard in the All Star Reserves off-season, helping the All Stars train for their high level games, so lots of skaters have developed really quickly and we’ll be really proud to be skating out with them at Meadowbank.

“Between us all we’ll bring enthusiasm, athleticism and attitude, and will help to create one hell of a crowd atmosphere.”

Families are welcome to watch this test of strength, speed and agility as skaters battle through their rivals’ team using only the power of their bodies.

The show rolls into town on Saturday, August 8, at Meadowbank Sports Stadium on London Road from 2pm.

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