Dundee’s Derby Rebrand!

The Dundee league previously known as DRG have re-branded to Dundee Roller Derby this month. Although league members have been hinting at this for a while, the financial and business aspects, have led to a longer than expected timeframe for this re-brand.
Quote from DRD

With it well underway however, we spoke to a few league members to understand what this means to them, obviously paired with a few snapshots of the league!

“For me, every single league member deserves to be part of our name, rather than only those that identify with the word “girls”.” – Gegg

“I started roller derby at 36, I hadn’t been a girl for a long time. Think this is brilliant and so much more inclusive”. – Emma Belter

“It shows the progression and maturity of our league. We showed what we can do on track last year and made our name as a league by our games, now we are taking another step and showing our league for who we really are and what we believe in. Seeing everyone as an individual and including all as part of DRD”. – Goldginger

“When we say: We Are The DRD at games, it really will mean “we” now!” – Nichola

“The change of name represents the bigger changes that are happening in roller derby worldwide, and our name will now finally reflect every member of our league.” – Liston

“I personally identify as a girl, but it took me a long time to be okay with that, and I think it’s really cool that people that don’t are now part of the league not just in person but in name to!” – Amy

“The rebrand shows we are a league inclusive and transparent to everyone. Everyone is heard!” – Tiny Tearaway

It means to me that we can be fully inclusive of everyone, and convey that message on to this and the next generation as well that anyone can do Derby, you just have to believe in yourself!” – KinKhey

“This change signifies that we are not just skaters here. We are officials, volunteers, NSOs, friends and family. Dundee is an inclusive league of everyone; anyone wishing to be a member of our league can be and that is now represented in our name.”– Shuggs Bunny



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