Team Scotland Events: Fundraiser coming to a close!

While over on Facebook, we’ve been regularly sharing info about the preparations for the various National Teams heading for the two Roller Derby World Cups next year… we’ve been saving a blog post for the Scottish National teams, starting with Team Scotland Roller Derby.


In common with many of the teams heading for the 3rd Roller Derby World Cup in Trafford, England, Team Scotland are raising money to support their attendance. (Being a National Team has all the costs you would expect, from training venues, equipment, travel and accommodation.)

As a special consideration this time around, 20% of the funds raised by TS will be donated to the charity Mind, in support of mental health – and if you feel like you need a more tangible personal benefit for donating, all donations above £5 are eligible for Team Scotland branded merch, with donations above £75 enabling you to sponsor a specific Team Scotland Rostered Skater (who will wear a sponsors patch provided, during the World Cup).

You have just until the 11th to donate to the fundraiser, and help it reach its goal of just £2000, so please consider donating!

Donation link is here:

If you’re interested in competing with Team Scotland, as well as supporting them, there’s also the opportunity still to sign up as part of the mash-up team who will get to scrim against TS at their November training session.

Up in the Manhattan Works venue (Dundee Roller Girls’ training venue), you will get to play with the best skaters that Scotland has to offer.

There’s still time to sign up here:

Plus, if you’d like to help Team Scotland, rather than compete against them, applications are now open for the position of “Team Sports Therapist” attending the team for their training sessions, and competition, including the World Cup itself.

Apply here:

Later on in the Year, Team Scotland will be making appearances at a few other events, so stay tuned to see how you can catch them on track before the World Cup!

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