British Champs Schedule 2017

So, by now you’re probably aware that the British Championships 2017 schedule is out (it’s hosted here: in a big, searchable, list).

As the list is pretty long, we thought we’d pull out some key dates for you (and also tip our hand a bit as to teams and divisions we’ll be focussing a little more on – Talk Derby To Me will be continuing their excellent overall Champs coverage this year for those who want to cover the whole thing):

The Women’s Tier 1 kicks off on the 26th of February, with a double header featuring Tiger Bay Brawlers against newly-merged Leeds Roller Derby, and Birmingham Blitz Dames against Bristol Roller Derby hosted by TBB in Cardiff.

The Men’s Tier 1 also begins a few weeks later in Wales, as South West Silures host the Crash Test Brummies on the 11th of March.

However, by then, most of the other Tiers will have had their first bouts, with the whole British Champs schedule starting on the 4th of February, as the Men’s Tier 2 begins with Barrow Infernos hosting Southern Discomfort B (the first B team in the Men’s tiers).

Friends of the blog, Newcastle Roller Girls, see their B-team, the Whippin’ Hinnies, compete for the first time in Women’s Tier 2 North on the 11th of March, in a battle of the B-teams against Rainy City Roller Derby’s formidable Tender Hooligans; hosted by Wirral Roller Derby, this is also somewhat Manchester area themed, as the second bout of the fixture is hosts versus Manchester Roller Derby.

But you’ll have to wait until April to see some Scottish Women‘s action in the Champs, as Granite City Roller Derby host a Women’s Tier 3 North double header on the 22nd of April. Auld Reekie Roller Girls‘ Reserves are travelling up to Aberdeen to take on the hosts, whilst Furness Firecrackers and Halifax Bruising Banditas will be coming up to play each other.

Scottish Men‘s Derby also has its first showing in Champs that month, as Men Behaving Derby host a Men’s Tier 3 North fixture on the 16th of April; pitting Bairn City Rollers‘ Skelpies against the hosts, followed by Teeside Skate Invaders facing off against Glasgow Men’s Roller Derby.

Finally, whilst the Women’s Tier 4 North starts its series a few weeks earlier, we’ll be following friends of the blog (and some of our first interviewees!) York Minxters – their first bout is on the 25th of March against Wakey Wheeled Cats, in Mansfield; the second bout is hosts against Durham Roller Derby.

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