West Lothian’s newest League…. West Lothian Roller Derby

We’ve covered quite a few new leagues in Scotland recently, and to our knowledge, West Lothian Roller Derby are the last of the list (although they were one of the first to appear this year).

Based in, well, West Lothian, the league is really just getting off the ground – and has a call out for support from anyone who can help them with costs and equipment.

We caught up with founder, Samantha “Queen C” Carruthers,  to ask her where the idea came from for the league, and where they were on the journey at present:


So, where did the idea come from for the league?

“Well that’s easy! My idea came from my passion for derby and the fact I’m studying business management. I can see the potential for an amazing team, who will be a charity/not-for-profit organisation. I want to bring communities together through roller derby and have had a really good response from communities who I have spoke to about this.

The obvious issues have been getting funds for kit together, we are still struggling but I have no doubt this will come together. At the moment, we are still getting our name out there and trying to get people interested! We have had a lot of interest in a junior team, so we will have a junior and senior league! We aim to be training for the end of January

We’ve had loads of interest, more than 30 people wanting to start. So kit is a very very big issue.”

West Lothian Roller Derby have a JustGiving donations page here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/westlothianrd

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