Ranking the World, and other FTS Visualisations

The Globe

Recently, it has become somewhat fashionable to present results in Roller Derby in the form of a Globe.

As the Flat Track Stats dataset records the geographical location of each league, we can easily use the Google Maps Geolocation API to programmatically look-up the coordinates of each league, and plot their rank on a globe. Anyone who wants the resulting dataset should feel free to contact us. (We’re using a modified version of the Google Data Art’s Team’s WebGL globe, available here: https://github.com/dataarts/webgl-globe/ for our visualisation.)

Due to some (security-related) restrictions on the content of WordPress pages, our Globe Visualiser is hosted on our remote site, previously used for MRDWC2016’s updates.
If the visualiser does not appear to work, please ensure that your web browser is not blocking JavaScript, and has “hardware acceleration” or “WebGL” enabled as an option.

Link to The GLOBE: https://aoanla.pythonanywhere.com/globe.html



7 thoughts on “Ranking the World, and other FTS Visualisations

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