Ranking the World, and other FTS Visualisations

Comparison with other rankings.

Much was made by The Apex that Angel City Roller Derby had “broken into the top 4” in the October WFTDA rankings. That this was a surprise perhaps reflects on an over concern with WFTDA’s ranking system – for some time, Flat Track Stats had shown Angel City as superior to London (or even Rose) in strength, and our own internal rankings have also suggested this since March this year. It’s not so much that Angel have suddenly gotten better – it’s that WFTDA’s addition of Decay to their metric is finally reflecting Angel’s actual strength. [Observers of our stats comparison article will see that Angel are in the Top 4 for almost all rankings!]

Our ranking, WFTDA’s and the Flat Track Stats ranking are all pretty good ranking schemes, even though they have slightly different aims, so we can perhaps gain something by looking at where they differ (they agree surprisingly well, which is a good signal for all of them).

Comparing to FTS’s WFTDA ranking, and our Women Only, and with reference to The Apex’s “talking points”…

Angel City… joins the Top 4 in WFTDA, but for both us and FTS, they’re in the Top 3! In fact, FTS and us both agree that the Top 5 is Gotham, Victorian, Angel, London, Rose, with VRDL very close on Gotham (and statistically inseparable, in our ranking).

The Euros Are Coming… and how! FTS is more skeptical about Crime City than we and WFTDA are (placing them 17th to WFTDA’s 13 and our 14), but whilst all three rankings agree that Rainy City Roller Derby deserves around 21st place, both FTS and us believe that Stockholm, Helsinki, and Kallio are even stronger than WFTDA places them. In fact, Middlesborough Milk Rollers and Paris Rollergirls are also both in our Top 40, in a strong point of disagreement with both of the more conservative rankings.

BAD’s Basement… we agree with The Apex that they’re about as low as they’re likely to go… but not with WFTDA as to how low that is (we and FTS both place them at 18th, rather than 20th).

Biggest Mover … we all differ on “new entrant” 2X4 Roller Derby. Whilst WFTDA has them with an impressive entry at #40, FTS is even more impressed, crediting them at #33… but our metric is somewhat less impressed, placing them at an impressive, but less astonishing 67. Remember, though, that our ranking includes non WFTDA leagues, and non A Teams, so some of those additional spots are taken by teams which just don’t appear in the other two rankings.

The Euros Are Coming Pt 2… as previously mentioned, we rate Paris and MMR even more highly than WFTDA does, placing them in our Top 40! We agree that Leeds, Tiger Bay, Dublin and Newcastle are all very worthy Top 80 teams… and might add Lille and Bear City to that list (with Auld Reekie just a smidge outside at 83). Surprisingly, FTS is a bit more skeptical about several of these teams, placing, for example, Newcastle down in the 100s spots!

The D2 Champs Teams Are All Under Ranked … The Apex believes that Calgary (@48), Brandywine (@50) , Charlottesville (@52) and Blue Ridge (@43) are all underranked by WFTDA.  FTS would mostly agree, placing Calgary@32, Brandywine@38 and Charlottesville@41, with Blue Ridge down at 47. On the other hand, our ranking (again, with the caveat that we are starting to include non WFTDA A teams at this level) disagrees, placing Calgary@55, Brandywine@56, Charlottesville@59 and Blue Ridge down at 62! In fact, the one thing that FTS and we seem to strongly agree on here is that Blue Ridge is over-ranked, compared to the other three!

On the next page, we’ll cap things off with something a bit more fun.


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