Ranking the World, and other FTS Visualisations

In deference to the importance of the second largest grouping of Roller Derby leagues, representing the entirety of Men’s Derby in Europe, we also present the ranking for that group. (Of course, no absolute comparisons between this ranking and the above are possible, as no bouts have taken place between the two in the past year).

1 Southern Discomfort Roller Derby 1.00000
2 Tyne & Fear Roller Derby .77336
3 Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder .75715
4 South Wales Silures .76506
5 Manchester Roller Derby (Men’s) .74850
6 Roller Derby Toulouse (Men’s) .69283
7 South German Men’s Roller Derby .74003
8 Barrow Infernos .67308
9 Panam Squad .63250
10 Rouen Roller Derby (Men’s) .64258
11 Les Jules Vnres – Men’s Roller Derby from Loire-Atlantique .55237
12 The Mons’ter Munch Derby Dudes .54225
13 Montpellier Derby Club (Men’s) .49173
14 Track’Ass (Men’s) .48758
15 Roller Derby Association .46750
16 Orcet Roller Derby Wolfgang .45595
17 S.T.Y.X Roller Derby Men Bordeaux .43087
18 Manneken Beasts .45963
19 Thugly Ducklings .42543
20 Les Calebrutes de Montmartre .40368
21 The Inhuman League .44298
22 Suffolk Roller Derby (Men’s) .49831
23 Rotterdam Classy Cockroaches .38248
24 Madrid MadRiders .38312
25 Roller Derby Calaisis (Men’s) .36613
26 Inglorious Bstars .38928
27 Crash Test Brummies .38586
28 Roller Derby Mcon .34151
29 Men’s Roller Derby Grenoble .31928
30 Wirral’s Men’s Roller Derby Team .34089
31 Les Damns .25253
32 Nottingham Super Smash Brollers .28272
33 Teesside Skate Invaders .25367
34 Roller Derby Dijon (Men’s) .22761
35 Milton Keynes Men’s Roller Derby .26520
36 Bairn City Rollers (Men’s) .25711
37 Mean City Roller Derby (Men’s) .17849
38 Kings of Block ‘n’ Roll .19160
39 Nottingham Outlaws Roller Derby .15274
40 Knights of Oldham Roller Derby .18018
41 Capital City Roller Derby .14319
42 Bristol Roller Derby (Men’s) .06357
43 Brawls of Steel .17073
44 The Brothers Grim .14984
45 East Anglo Smacksons .13583
46 Medway Mayhem Roller Derby .12207
47 Granite City Brawlers .10108
48 Sons of Icarus .06722
49 Aire Force 1 0

Of course, as the Flat Track Stats dataset contains the entire history of (revival) Roller Derby, we can compute historical data using our ranking too. We ran 60 hours of calculation generating historical rankings for the past 8 years, to show how the community has evolved over time. As our ranking is normalised, the best team is always at 1, and the worst near 0 – in order to show how absolute performance has changed, we also show the underlying, non-normalised, rankings below.


History of the final International Ranking, year on year (each year calculated for the 12 months up to 1 October that year).



History of the unnormalised log Score Ratio component of the ranking, year on year. The peak value is a measure of the “spread” in ability within the group that sampling period.


History of the unnormalised Score Difference component of the ranking, year on year. The peak value is a measure of the “spread” in ability within the group that sampling period.

As should be clear, the “peak ability” in Roller Derby increases fairly reliably year on year. As new teams enter the ranking mostly near the bottom, we believe that most of this increase in peak ability is actually due to the top teams getting better (as this is a relative ranking, it would also be possible for everyone else to be getting worse). We estimate, then, that (relative to the worst, “just starting out” leagues), the WFTDA/MRDA Top 10 leagues have increased their effective ability by a factor of 49!† (from the Score Ratio metric).

On the next page, we’ll compare our results to what WFTDA and Flat Track Stats have.

*We’re working on a refinement, to be added in our next table update, to allow “ghost” rankings representative of leagues who drop out of the connected group between ranking calculation periods.

† From the Score Ratio metric, difference between absolute maximum of metric for 2008 and 2016.


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