Your Q3 Roller Derby Schedule ramps up!

Unlike North America, where the “Derby Season” at high levels is carefully constructed to leave almost nothing on the agenda for the start of WFTDA Playoffs around September, Europe continues to have a packed schedule into the dying days of the year.

After a brief slowing around the time of the Men’s Roller Derby Championships and Rollercon, this year has been no different.

We’re going to have some separate articles on some of these events, and more events will pop up on the radar which are currently a bit less confirmed, but, here’s a sample of the upcoming events featuring Scottish skaters or leagues this year:

✓20 AugGlasgow host (VRUKvSoy Division etc); FVRG Intraleague+BCRSkelpies v Tyne and Fear (Read a little more on both, here).

✓27 AugBairnCityRollers’ Central Belters away (North Cheshire); Granite City home(v GRD, and v mixed team featuring Doonhame and Ayrshire)(read more here); FVRG Band night

3 SeptShark Conservation (hosted in Glasgow, read more here), Dundee host Co-ed Bootcamp (cancelled)

10 SeptAyrshire v LDD! (read more here), European Roller Derby Tournament (Belgium), Newcastle/GRD (in Newcastle); Dundee at British Champs Playoffs in Newark

17 Sept – Stormy Sevens (Rainy City Sevens Tournament) featuring some Scottish skaters. The Great Yorkshire Showdown (hosted by Leeds Roller Dolls in Halifax), featuring Glasgow Roller Derby

18 Sept – Bairn City Roller’s Central Belters v Furness Firecrackers (hosted in Grangemouth) Covered by us here.

24 SeptGlasgow Roller Derby Home Teams

1 OctGranite City Roller Derby Double Header – Northern Fights v Mixed team, Fight Hawks v Mean City (Women).

8 Oct – Hyperchallenge Unicorn 7s featuring some Scottish skaters; Dundee A v Team Crazy Vagine (!); ARRG v London!; Newcastle Roller Girls Bootcamp

9 OctFierce Valley Roller Cubs at Junior Derby in Barnsley! (part of a triple header with other bouts)

✓15 OctBairn City Rollers v “Brawler Buddies” [“Open”/Coed game]

 22 Oct – Fierce Valley Roller Girls Charity Co-ed Sur5al (Harry Potter theme). Team submissions open. ; Auld Reekie Roller Girls v Newcastle Roller Girls (A v A, B v B!), in Newcastle

 29 Oct – Mean City Roller Derby’s HallowMean

5 Nov Dundee Roller Girls Home Teams, Auld Reekie B v Granite City A, Dublin v Glasgow

12 NovMen’s European Cup 2016 hosted, as always, by Tyne and Fear in Newcastle. Glasgow Roller Derby Home Teams.

19 Nov 5th Blocker Skates’ 5th Birthday BashGranite City Brawlers’ debut Home Bout (versus Crash Test Brummies B), Belfast City host Auld Reekie ASTROs

2627 Nov Team Wales’s International hosted event (The Road to TBC), ARRGmageddon [Auld Reekie B-level tournament]

3 Dec Glasgow Roller Derby Christmas Charity Bout [poster here]

10 Dec Charity Bout in Grangemouth

21 Jan (yes, next year, but…) Glasgow Roller Derby hosts Derby 7s.

Wider events (featuring European teams, esp UK, or important tournaments):

✓22 Aug“Children’s Roller Derby” junior derby training /experience event offered by Power of Scotland’s Whyte and MacDie.

✓26-28 AugWFTDA Division 2 Playoffs (Lansing), featuring Nidaros Roller Derby, Bear City Roller Derby from Europe

✓27 AugThe Suomi Cup (#5) in Helsinki

2-4 SeptWFTDA Division 1 Playoffs (Montréal) featuring London Rollergirls, Kallio Rolling Rainbow from  Europe

3 SeptNottingham Roller Derby Triple Header!

9-11 SeptWFTDA Division 1 Playoffs (Columbia), featuring Rainy City Roller Derby, Crime City Rollers from Europe

16-18 SeptWFTDA Division 1 Playoffs (Vancouver), featuring Victorian Roller Derby League (not from Europe, but hey), and Stockholm Roller Derby from Europe

23-25 SeptWFTDA Division 1 Playoffs (Madison), featuring Helsinki Roller Derby from Europe.

24 Sept Rainy City v Newcastle Roller Derby (twice – AvA, BvB!)an astonishing TRIPLE header (2 international!) hosted by Dublin Roller Derby

✓15-16 Oct DagaDenter Tournament (Southern/Central Europe)

 22 OctSur5al 2.0 Tournament in Rotterdam. Hellfire Harlots (Nottingham) event.

29 Oct“JAMdemic” themed Tournament (Central City Rollergirls, Birmingham)

4 NovWFTDA Champs (no doubt featuring some of the above from Europe!)

16 – 18 Dec – Tenerife Roller Derby hosted European Tournament, featuring Dundee Roller Girls, and Crime City Rollers.

April 2017European Junior Roller Derby Tournament in Copenhagen (yes, we know, next year, but it’s big enough to need advance notice)

29 April 2017Shepsk8 memorial skate event, Perth

?? 2017 – Roller Derby World Cup 2017 


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