Men’s Roller Derby World Cup Round-up

So, it’s finally MRDWC 2016.

If you’re watching at home, or at the event,  we hope you have a great time and that we at the blog can contribute to that.

Here’s a roundup of resources you might find useful.

Firstly, our Team Profiles, published over the past weeks. Learn a bit about each team by clicking here.

The groups are:

Group Red: Finland Ireland Japan Scotland USA

Group Orange: Argentina Chile England Italy Sweden 

Group Green: Canada Spain Germany Mexico Wales 

Group Blue: Australia Belgium France Netherlands Puerto_Rico 

And there’s many timetables and things to keep you straight. Ours is here: with livestream links and FTS links and multiple timezones.

But Derby Central and Talk Derby To Me have their own coverage too, and we encourage you to use them!


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