MRDWC Team Review: Team Chile Roller Derby

Completing our set of Men’s Roller Derby World Cup team profiles, we’re covering the newest team from Latin America, Team Chile Roller Derby Masculino.

Chile are in group Orange, facing England, Italy, Sweden and fellow Latin Americans Argentina. With England almost certain to take the top spot in the group, Chile will be in a difficult spot to take the other promotion slot, as only Italy is as inexperienced as they are. The Latin America match up between Argentina and Chile should also be fascinating to watch…


We talked to Team Chile’s Marmota at the team warmup in Calgary.

Firstly, how does it feel representing Chile, as they attend the Men’s World Cup for the first time?

Well, as Chile, and speaking f0r my teammates, I want to say that this is really an honour. Because this sport, especially in my country, is really really new – most of us have been playing roller derby for 2, 3 years at most. So we’re a new team, and we’re not playing the modern, modern roller derby where graces and new formations are used. So, I don’t know – we’re used to playing the walls, like all roller derby used to be played. We’re used to playing the defensive game, this is mostly our strategy. So, then, we’re trying to play a it little faster.

It’s an honour, and it was really hard, because each and every one of us had to pay for their ticket, their accommodation. The only thing we got [in sponsorship] from a Chilean company was the uniform. And this is really bad. But I think it’s a mixed work – if we don’t move, then who is going to move? But, we don’t get much attention – we hope that for the next World Cup we will be bigger! I hope!

So that happened to Women’s Team Mexico in 2011:

It happened to the Women’s Chilean team in 2014 too! But women seem more persuasive!

Who are you most looking forward to playing here?


Ah, yes, you’re both in the same group. Are you confident?

I’m not a confident player now – my team is really more confident than I, because I expect to pay more attention for the first jams, and then decide how I feel after that. But, we know them – most of our team have played the Argentine team, which is basically the ThunderQuads. My team, Complot, was in the first Torneo HARD [hosted by ThunderQuads] Tournament, and we came in second. So, we know how they play – and I don’t know if they know how we play. I don’t know if they’ve done their homework! [Our relative obscurity] is our one advantage – Argentina are strong, and they’re bigger than us, I don’t know if you saw some of the players! And they’re really really fast – we have to pay a lot of attention to their lines and their offense.

But that game, that game I want to play right now! The other teams, we don’t know – we watched them in the last World Cup on the streams, but Argentina is our neighbouring country, so the rivalry is there! Like Scotland/Ireland or Canada/USA!

What do you hope to get out of the World Cup, what are you aiming for?

Well, personally, first: I am aiming to get to know as many people as we can. I think the only way the sport is going to grow and become stronger is if we all team up, and all team up together with the other team, and we work together.

Secondly, I think we are wanting, as a team, to develop our play more together. Because, Chile is a long country – it was really hard for all of the guys to get together for even one training a month. We don’t have the advantage of some teams which just get to play together all the time…
Team Chile’s first bout is against Argentina on Track 2 at 6pm, UK time (11am Calgary)

The Team Chile Roster is:










Viruta Thunder






Mr. Sokram


Capitán Basuritas








Cy8org (Cyborg)















Bench Coach

Pony Tolueno

Bench Manager

Loca Zeppelin

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