Preparing for Team Scotland Tryouts?

With the first Tryout for the Scottish (Women’s) National Team this weekend (2nd July 2016 at the DISC, Dundee, starting 1pm), and the second not far behind (9th July 2016 at the ARC, Glasgow, starting at 1pm), there’s a lot of things that applicants might be worrying about.

This unofficial guide will try to give some answers, based on UKRDA‘s policies, and the positions in the Team Scotland applications documents (still open until midnight on the 30th.):

  1. What are the Tryouts for?

The Tryouts are for selection into the Team Scotland Training Squad. This team will later be further selected into the final competition roster for the World Cup and other competitions, on the basis of performance during training.

2. Will skaters joining Team Scotland be playing in the next World Cup (and where and when will that be)?

The intent of Team Scotland is definitely to provide a team to play in the next World Cup (and presumably other international bouts). However, no-one has any knowledge of when or where the next World Cup will be – Blood & Thunder have not, at the time of writing, made a final decision on a host country or city.

We do have one piece of information: sources have implied that the World Cup will not be hosted in North America. Given the geographical distribution of teams, it seems this makes it most likely to be somewhere in Europe…

3. How long will Team Scotland be selected for?

UKRDA requires that teams are selected for 2 years, after the point that the selection is announced. So, 2 years from when you find out that you’re in.

4. I can’t make either Tryout – can I try out by Video?

Yes. The Team Scotland requirements for video tryout submissions are that you submit enough footage to demonstrate all of the aspects that will be tested and also that you include enough bout footage to show your actual performance in game.

The application lists the areas that will be evaluated as: “Attitude and Coachability”, “Athleticism”, “Individual skating skill and ability”, “Jammer awareness”, “Blocking skills and pack work” and “Strategy and rules/game knowledge”. We believe that these will be evaluated at an international level, so pick footage appropriately.

5. Will the actual Tryout sessions themselves be videoed?

Yes. Both Tryouts will be videoed, but footage will only be used for the purposes of selection. Video material will be made available to the Team Scotland Coaching and Management team, to the Selectors outwith that team, and to UKRDA National Squads Observers.

6. I can make both Tryouts, how will my performance be evaluated if I go to both?

The Selectors intend to evaluate skaters on the average performance over all Tryouts they attend. So, your performance in both Tryouts will count equally.

7. What should I bring to Tryouts?

Black and white scrimmage tops. (UKRDA recommends that, in the interests of avoiding bias, skaters try to avoid tops which emphasise their team membership).

Anything you would take to a 3 hour long practice session – there will be both skills demonstration and scrimmage, so: food & water, medicines.

You will also need (copies of) documents necessary to prove your eligibility to represent Scotland, under UKRDA advisory guidelines. Depending on how you are eligible, these will be some of:

  • UK Passport (or other proof of British Citizenship)
  • Leave to Remain / Residence document (if not using passport)
  • If not born in Scotland as evidenced by Passport or otherwise:
    • Birth certificate [parent or grandparent’s, or spouse/civil partners’, depending] showing birth in Scotland
      • and Marriage/Civil Partnership certificate (if partners’ birth certificate)
      • and Birth certificates to show descent from person (if parent/grandparent’s birth certificate)
    • or Proof of residence in Scotland for at least 3 years (utility bills, for example) [if not eligible via birth certificates]
    • or letter from home league stating that you’ve been with them for 3+ years

You will also need to bring £10 cash to pay for your application (if you’re trying out both dates, you only need to pay once).

8. Who are the Selectors?

To our knowledge, the Selectors are: Team Scotland Assistant Coach 5-Star Sylk, Team Scotland Line-Up Rufi-Ohh, Team Scotland Manager Hazzard, Bairn City Rollers’ and Power of Scotland’s rEd Baron, and The Inhuman League / Power of Scotland’s Nuke.

Team Scotland Head Coach, Rosie Peacock, is not a Selector, as she is also trying out for selection to the team as a skater.

9. Who else will be present?

As well as the Selectors, there will also be several Observers from UKRDA. They are present to ensure that Tryouts are conducted in a fair and unbiased manner.

There will also be a videographer and photographer, and sufficient NSO and referees to run the scrimmage part of the evaluation.

10.  What are the plans and policies for skaters who make the Team Scotland training squad?

At this point, the detailed policies and plans for Team Scotland’s Training Squad are not public (although we are advised that they are well developed). Team Manager Hazzard told us, however, that the team have “exciting opportunities lined up already for those who make the training squad”.

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