Powers of Two at Mean City

Mean City Roller Derby obviously like the number two. That’s the only explanation for the preponderance of twos in this weekend’s upcoming event they’re hosting, at the ARC Sports Centre, Glasgow.


Not only is this a double header, with two exciting bouts to experience, but both bouts have their own multiplicative factors as well.

Headlining, we have Scotland’s National Men’s Roller Derby team, Power of Scotland, facing off against “The Other Guys” – the “second best Scottish men’s skaters” from four (22!) Scottish leagues: Mean City themselves, Capital City, Bairn City’s Skelpies and Granite City’s Brawlermen.

Power of Scotland are less than two months away from the World Cup in Calgary, and this is an important fixture both for training and also fundraising. As well as donations direct to PoS, the Team Physio (Dundee Roller Girls’ Goldginger) Claire will be offering physio for donations [she also has a separate fundraiser here] – and official Team Photographer Laura MacDonald will also be in attendance [she’s raising money too!].

Second up, Mean City’s own co-ed team (who I don’t think actually have a name yet) are facing off against a double-league mashup of Capital City Roller Derby and Lothian Derby Dolls: “Fear and Lothian”. The two Edinburgh-based leagues have been working pretty closely in preparation for this game, and we believe that Fear and Lothian is going to become a longer standing collaboration – there will be new merch available at the bout.

With both bouts containing exhibition teams, there’s no stats to predict the outcomes – so the only way to see what will happen is to come along!

Tickets are £5 in advance, or £6 on the door (under-14s free).

Doors open at 11:30am for an approximately midday start this Saturday 28th May.


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