Dolls in Bowls at Transgression Park

In addition to their passion for all things derby, a handful of LDD skaters have a new found lust for ramps and aggressive quad skating.  On Sunday 24th April, Lothian Derby Dolls are excited to be hosting a Quad Skate Night at Transgression Park in Midlothian.


A few members of Lothian Derby Dolls have been spending time at the local indoor skate park over the last few months, pushing themselves out of their comfort zones by getting to grips with skating on an uneven surface and learning new skills and tricks at the same time.  Some have mastered bowls and drop-ins already!  And it’s pretty impressive.  

In collaboration with Transgression Park, LDD are hosting the very first Quad Skate Night at the venue.  It promises to be a fun and social event, bringing the roller derby community together for a bit of banter and an opportunity to have a go at something a bit different.

LDD’s Sam-Awry getting some air

Chicks In Bowls was the idea driven by Lady Trample of the Pirate City Rollers, Auckland, New Zealand.  The aim is simple; to inspire people to strap on a pair of skates and have a go at something new.  There are over 200 CIB chapters worldwide, CIB Scotland being a fledgling chapter.  With events such as this at Transgression, it is the hope that word can spread about this different way of skating and the benefits that learning skills in the skate park can have on the track.

See the event page on Facebook for details.

To find out about Chicks in Bowls Scotland visit

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