Auld Reekie Roller Girls – Home Season Final 2015

A HEART-STOPPING home season final saw the Leithal Weapons swoop to victory by just two points.
Auld Reekie Roller Girls’ (ARRG) three home teams – the Leithals, Skatefast Club and the Cherry Bombers – had battled throughout autumn for the chance to take home the 2015 trophy.
Skatefast had beaten the Leithals in the first home season head-to-head and, with the Leithals struggling to field a full team for the final due to injury and illness, looked like the stronger team at the first whistle.
Skill levels were closely-matched and the lead switched several times, as both teams pushed their opponents to pull out their very best performance.
Skatefast were leading by half-time and victory seemed likely, but the Leithals re-entered the track with renewed determination.
With five minutes to the end, Skatefast had pulled ahead by 20 points, leaving the Leithals praying for a power jam.
Suddenly, the opportunity opened up with excellent defensive work from the Leithals in the very last jam.
EmKarp blasted through the Skatefast blockers and the crowd held its breath and held back tears as the points gap closed.
A smart star pass to Tuna Lovegood for an extra energy kick sealed the deal… Or so the Leithals hoped.
The unofficial result was carefully checked as both teams teetered on the brink of celebration for a score that could have gone either way.
Finally those two crucial extra points were verified and the Leithal Weapons were officially declared the 2015 winners.

Leithals captain Prawncess Die said she was thrilled for her team.
She said: “We went in as the underdogs.
“We thought we had a good chance but we were playing short and we had lost the last game against them.
“It was so close – I kept looking at the score thinking we can still do this.
“We drifted down 20 points a few times and, in the last few minutes, I did think that was it.
“I thought ‘at least we’ve put up a close game’.
“Then to actually win was just fantastic.”
Prawncess Die added she was particularly proud of the newest players on the team.
She said: “Dani was just outstanding, especially as a jammer.
“Everybody was playing really well but she played every position and switched from one to the other, which was very impressive.”

Skatefast Club captain Trifecta Gadget said everyone was very emotional.
She said: “It was a really tight game through every single jam and we never really felt safe.
“It was good to be in the lead at the end of the first half but I knew we were going to have to bring our strongest game.
“The teams were very evenly matched and I think we lost it on just a couple of jams against some really amazing Leithals players.”
Gadget also praised the newest skaters on her team.
She said: “We all kept our defence strong and stayed together really well.
“It was only because we played so well as a team the score was so close.
“I could see how much more confident everybody was by the end and I’m really proud of every skater.”



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