Fierce Valley Roller Girls – New Skater Intake

On Sunday 19th April, Fierce Valley Roller Girls will be hosting a Fresh Meat taster session at Grangemouth Sports Complex.

The taster session is designed to let you try roller derby – with no commitment – to see if this is the sport for you. FVRG welcomes along men and women aged 18 and over, no previous skating experience necessary.


On the day, you will be buddied up with an experienced skater to learn the basics of skating (and stopping!) safely. Your buddy will also loan you their equipment for the taster, so no need to buy anything just yet, except a mouthguard. At the end of the session, coaches will give you an overview of FVRG, and will answer any questions that you have about roller derby.

If you’re hooked after this taster session, you will be welcomed into a dedicated training programme for beginners. Once you progress through your training, regular assessments will be held to give you the opportunity to climb the ranks into Intermediate, then Advanced training sessions.

If you are interested in joining Fierce Valley Roller Girls, complete the registration form here to reserve a place.

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