Dundee Roller Girls: Home Season Final

Image courtesy of Dundee Roller Girls

Image courtesy of Dundee Roller Girls

A little part of Dundee Roller Girls history will be made with the conclusion of their first Home Season this weekend.
Taking their cues from the history of the City, DRG named their Home Teams after three of the most iconic Dundee exports, jute, jam and journalism. The Jutes of Hazzard, Jammin’ Dodgers and Press Gangsters battled it out over the last few months, in a series of fairly balanced games, each team taking a win.
The season kicked off back in May, the Press Gangsters won in a hard fought game, in which they gradually asserted their authority, particularly so in the second half, over the Jutes Of Hazzard, final score 198-126.
The debut of the Jammin’ Dodgers in game 2 saw them lose in the biggest point differential of the season, with the Jutes Of Hazzard making up for their loss in their first outing with a final score of 234-134.
The last game came right down to the wire in the last jam, but the Jammin’ Dodgers edged the Press Gangsters by a single point, 148-147.
The final will be a double header, with the first bout featuring the third place Jammin’ Dodgers against an exhibition team comprised of skaters from Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Bairn City Rollers, Glasgow Roller Derby, Granite City Roller Girls and New Town Roller Girls. The second bout, the first ever Dundee Roller Girls Home Season final, will see the Jutes of Hazzard take on the Press Gangsters.
More information on the Facebook event page.

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