Granite City Roller Girls Newsletter – August 2013

As August begins, Granite City Roller Girls celebrate their 1 year anniversary of the launch of our newsletter ‘Granite’. The lovely Lynne ‘Hugger-naut’ McIlroy has spent a year putting blood sweat and tears into our great newsletter which showcases some the crazy things that we as a league (members and supporters) get up to.


Oodles of derby love to our newsletter queen Lynne who has pent 4 months off skates, going through surgery and physio after badly injuring her leg!

This month’s issue highlights our upcoming trip to Tenerife for our first international bout as well as:

Fundraising antics at Asda
Our Superfan
Lowdown on wheels
Frost Damage’s fight for life
Home bout venue
Meet the ‘Fights’
And much more!

Don’t forget to check out our past issues!


Visit our site and subscribe to our newsletter mailing list!

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