The Great Yorkshire Showdown

Glasgow Roller Derby’s Maiden Grrders travel south to take part in The Great Yorkshire Showdown this weekend (Sat the 28th of July)
This annual invite only event ,in it’s third year, is hosted by the Leeds Roller Dolls and features some well known UK teams battling each other over two sets of heats.The winner of each heat then play in the final to decide the winner.
This will be the first time GRD have appeared at the Showdown and they will be in good company,as this is also the first invite for the Middlesborough Milk Rollers.
Tickets are available through the Leeds Roller Dolls website at a cost of £10 and the heats look like this….

Heat 1: LRD Whip-Its vs Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Heat 2: SSRG Crucibelles vs Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Heat 3: Middlesbrough Milk Rollers vs GRD Maiden Grdrrs
Heat 4: Manchester Roller Derby vs Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Heat 5: LRD Whip-Its vs GRD Maiden Grdrrs
Heat 6: SSRG Crucibelles vs Manchester Roller Derby
Final: Group A Winner vs Group B Winner


One thought on “The Great Yorkshire Showdown

  1. I was at the tournament, and can i just say how awesome it was. All the teams showed what derby is all about and it was a credit to the sport as a whole. Worthy winners in the end were the Middlesboro Milk Rollers, but overall an amazing day, and I certainly look forward to next years tournament!

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