FVRG Intra-League: Summer Shovin’

With FVRG growing at such a rapid pace, we have chosen to host our first intra-league bout! This will be an ‘invite-only’ closed bout, but don’t worry – there will be photographers and reporters in the crowd to capture all the action.

The Grease-themed Summer Shovin’ will be held in Grangemouth Sports Complex on Saturday 30th June. Doors open at 2:30pm, then from 3:15pm the Rink Ladies and T-Stop Birds will battle it out to be crowned the Homecoming Queens. This will be the debut bout for our new mins-passed skaters, but let’s hope they behave otherwise they’ll end up in detention!

Although technically a closed bout, a limited number of tickets are available at £3, but only through your friendly Rink Ladies and T-Stop Birds. Due to the venue seating capacity, this will be on a first-come first-served basis so get in quick! Please contact skaters direct if you would like to attend.

Summer Shovin' Poster - Design by Claire Brunton

Summer Shovin’ Poster – Design by Claire Brunton


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