Team Australia-Roller Derby World Cup 2011

Image courtesy of Team Australia

Last,but by no means least in the World Cup team roundup we have Australia.
Roller Derby is really well established in Australia,there are almost 80 leagues that are well supported by both fans and the media, many leagues regularly feature in their local press, radio and even on tv.There are regional competitions and many Australian skaters are no strangers to large scale bouts,having played at the likes of The Great Southern Slam.

Final Roster:
Amykazee,Bambi Von Smasher,King Cam and Short Stop Canberra Roller Derby League
Blockodile Dundee,Cookie Cutter,Lady-Killer,Muzzarati,Rose Rruin,Scully.Slawat Dawta and XL Sun State Roller Girls
Fang Fiend and Juke Nukem Brisbane City Rollers
Dodge & Bolt Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Haterade Sydney Roller Derby
Ruby Rib Crusher and U Sooze U Lose Victorian Roller Derby League
Susy Pow Newcastle Roller Derby League
Tricksey Beltem Adelaide Roller Derby

Coaching Staff:
Mark Madden from SSRG

The sheer size of the country and the cost involved in travel means that Team Australia have not played any warm up bouts or been able to have the entire team together for any practise time.However,many of their skaters are from experienced and well established leagues and may not need much time to gel as a team,plus they will be eager to show everyone that down under Derby is a force to be reckoned with.


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