Mona Rampage and Sykes go to Toronto!

While the Scottish Roller Derby Blog couldn’t manage to fly anyone to Toronto to cover the World Cup in all its glory, Scottish fans are not going to be bereft of updates from Canada.

Glasgow Roller Girls’ Mona Rampage and Sykes are planning on covering the World Cup themselves, with video interviews and other items posted to their YouTube channel, SquareWheelsTV.

Only 2 hours after their arrival in Toronto, there’s already a first video up, so go ahead and follow them for more exciting updates.

At the moment, a poll is also open for viewers to select questions to put to the skaters that Mona and Sykes corral, so this is also an excellent time to make your voice heard!

(The Team Scotland Google+ page will also be linking to SquareWheelsTV videos as and when they are posted.)

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