Dolly Rockit Rollers Vs Granite City Roller Girls-5/11/11

Granite City Roller Girls head down south for a Bonfire Night bout against Leicester’s finest,the Dolly Rockit Rollers.
Despite only being formed as recently as January 2010,DRR have come a very long way in such a short space of time,playing bouts against the likes of the Birmingham Blitz Dames,Wakey Wheeled Cats and Romsey Town Rollerbillies.They also have the distinction of having not one,but two skaters called up to national teams involved in the 2011 World Cup…Rogue Runner for Team England and Holly Sheet for Team Ireland
This bout should be interesting as it’s a rematch.DDR played GCRG around the same time of year back in 2010,that bout ended in a win for DRR,by a pretty narrow margin of 26 points,both teams have grown in experience since then and GCRG will be hungry for a win.
The bout takes place at the Parklands Leisure Centre,Leicester,5th of November,doors open at 1pm,first bout at 1:30pm.In addition to the main event of DRR versus GCRG,there will also be a warm up bout with teams made up from several leagues,skaters from Sheffield Steel Rollergirls, Hellfire Harlots, Middlesborough Milk Rollers, Evolution Rollergirls, Romsey Town Rollergirls, Granite City Rollergirls and Dolly Rockit Rollers will all be taking part.


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