Team Scotland Roster

The team roster for the forthcoming Roller Derby World Cup is as follows:

Alma Geddon(ARRG)
Armed Bandit(GRG)
Betty Gogo(GRG)
Blazin Phoenix(ARRG)
Bronx Betty(ARRG)
Clinically Wasted(GCRG)
Crazy Legs(ARRG)
Fight Cub(Formally ARRG,recently moved to GCRG)
Lily Lethal(GRG)
Marla Mayhem(GRG)
Marshall Lawless(GRG)
Minnie Riot(ARRG)
Mistress Malicious(GRG)
Mo Be Quick(ARRG)
Moxie Emerald(ARRG)
Whiskey Galore(GRG)
Wild Oates(GRG)

Reserve Skaters are:
Rock N Riot(GCRG)
Ruby Riot(GCRG)

This is the team that will play The Best Of The Rest ,this bout will be their first outing as Team Scotland and should be a great warm up for the World Cup.

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